Creative Branding

Brand positioning and leadership executed through creative design.

Allconnect branding 
At Allconnect, my primary role was to execute and maintain a re-brand campaign that stretched across several years. As the creative director and brand champion, I helped drive product positioning and leadership through creative programs and executed those components across several business units (Sales and Marketing, Application Development, Human Resources and Training). I led a talented team of designers as part of a broader Marketing team that included a strategist and writer. We created a large body of work that is represented by select pieces below. 
Automatic Data Processing (ADP) brand work 
In my time at ADP, I was responsible for creation and implementation of a corporate re-brand campaign with ongoing support duties.​​​​​​​ I designed multiple marketing related deliverables to support this effort, including brochures, presentations, mailers, advertisements, and web pages. Also, I assisted other business units with creative direction and vendor management in order to ensure brand consistency.
Other brand work
This is an additional showcase of brand related work I've compiled over the years as part of other full-time jobs or freelance contracts.

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