Selected Digital Work

This is a gallery of digital works I've either designed or directed as a team lead.

Web, email and other digital works
Below is a gallery of artwork designed specifically for web, email and other content marketing purposes for corporate design or independent freelance pursuits.
Digital creative direction
In my role as a Creative Director, I led a graphic design team responsible for producing digital creative to support various campaign needs for web, email and content marketing. My responsibilities were to help drive product positioning through art direction and mentorship while striving to elevate brand awareness. What follows are examples from that body of work, designed by Vanessa Cartwright and Karleigh Jackson. ​​​​​​​
Active Website Links
Allconnect Business Website:
Allconnect AMP IT UP:
KGMedia Design Solutions:
Allconnect’s AMP IT UP Recognized as Adobe Site of the Day

The recently designed Allconnect Amp It Up website was recognized as Adobe’s Site of the Day on June 28, 2017. With the Site of the Day honor, Adobe recognizes projects based on strong visual design, technical execution, usability, interesting and/or timely content, and benefit to the organization, as well as overall innovative use of Adobe products.

The Amp it Up site was designed by the Allconnect Marketing team which is headed by Vice President of Marketing, Rob Caiello. The project was directed by Creative Director Kevin Graham with written content provided by Marketing Communications Manager Maggie Kempken. The site was designed by Graphic and Web designer Vanessa Cartwright, with illustrated assets created by Graphic Designer Karleigh Jackson.

Adobe’s explanation for choosing the Allconnect site: 
Rich in content and media, the Allconnect Amp it Up site uses Adobe software to create meaningful user interactions and eye-catching artwork which provides valuable information to their partners.

You can view the page and more about Adobe’s Site of the day recognition at: or visit the Allconnect page directly at

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